Questions To Ask Your Antique Dealers

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Questions To Ask Your Antique Dealers

5 October 2015
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Is your home full of antique furniture that you've collected over the years? Are you looking to sell off some pieces, and perhaps to buy a few more? When buying and selling antiques, you're going to want the best prices possible. Here are some things you should ask when checking out new antique dealers (like Bucks County Estate Traders):

How did you get started in the business? If the dealer you're talking to has only been buying and selling for a few years, make sure to ask how they got their start. If they just decided to open up on a whim, they may not be as knowledgeable in antiques as someone who worked for other antique dealers first. In addition to finding out what their previous jobs were, you may also want to find out how long they worked for the other dealers, in the auction house, or doing other related jobs. If they've dealt mainly with things like collectible figurines or antique vases until recently, you may want to find someone who has more experience working with furniture.

Do you sell reproductions? If you're interested in buying antique furniture, but you don't have the budget for some of the higher-end pieces, reproductions may be for you. However, in order to prevent confusion, some antique dealers will refuse to sell known reproductions. Others have no problems selling a reproduction piece. If your antique dealer does sell reproductions, they should be clearly labeled as such. They should also have a lower price tag than similar original pieces. If you find a dealer who is trying to sell reproductions for the same price that an original piece would have, you should look elsewhere for your purchases.

Are you accredited at all? If you are trying to decide whether it's worth selling your antique dresser or if you want to keep it and add it to your home insurance policy, you'll probably want to find an antique dealer who is also an accredited appraiser. While any antique dealers can offer you a price for your piece of furniture, your insurance company may only accept a valuation that was made by an accredited appraiser. But if you do happen to like the offer given to you by a regular non-accredited antique dealer, you're definitely free to sell your item right then and there. Aside from insurance paperwork, there should be little difference between the prices quoted by an accredited and non-accredited antique dealer.