Design Ideas For An Elegant Living Room

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Design Ideas For An Elegant Living Room

20 December 2016
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The living room is probably one of the more public spaces in your home as you likely entertain guests. Additionally, the living room is often directly off the foyer, meaning visitors see it even if they're heading to another room. As such, you'll want your living room to make the proper impression. Design your living room so it sets the stage with an elegant ambience.

Start with a Color Palette

One of the best methods for creating a cohesive look in any room is starting with a color palette. For an elegant living room, stay away from trendy or overly bold color palettes. You can still have lots of color – just choose rich jewel tones instead of bright colors. If using color, ground the color scheme with a neutral color. For example, balance luxurious shades of blue with an ivory or cream base. Use this neutral base for your walls and even your sofa.

Choose Classic Furniture

Speaking of sofas, your choice of living room furniture definitely drives the overall ambience of your room. Choose a set in a classic style. Wood is a mainstay for sofas and chairs. Metal and glass tables are likewise elegant. When it comes to the cushions, stick with your neutral hue. However, it's possible to incorporate a single, rich-colored item and keep the look chic. For example, match a beige sofa with a burnt-orange chair in the same style. Contact a company likeTimeSquare Furniture & Mattress to learn more about couches and sofas. 

Consider Understated Window Treatments

Draperies are often a spot where you let creativity take free reign. However, if your goal is elegance, consider keeping your window treatments understated. For example, Home and Garden TV describes a set of neutral-hued draperies. The window treatments span from floor to ceiling, which adds a touch of drama without taking center stage. Another option that gives a similar effect is to hang monochromatic layers, say in shades of blue or green.

Steer Clear of Clutter

Nothing spoils an elegant backdrop like too much décor. You can still display personal items, just keep a restrained hand. For example, have family photos framed in a classic style, and hang them in a cluster on a single wall. Not only should that be your only décor on that wall, you should keep the rest of your photos in an album or displayed in another room. Likewise, choose dramatic pieces for tabletops that you display alone. So, place a single tall vase on a table and omit any other décor items for that area.

Make a sophisticated impression on visitors with chic living room décor.