Lighting Your Kitchen: Ways To Make The Cramped Space Pop

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Lighting Your Kitchen: Ways To Make The Cramped Space Pop

20 December 2016
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A tiny kitchen can feel overcrowded and dated, making it a not-so-enjoyable place in your home to hang out and create memories. Even worse, your small kitchen can be dark and uninspiring, leading to yet another processed meal from a bag because you don't want to spend time cooking something more decadent. Lighting has a way of making a living space shine in its own right, and the right style of lighting can be motivating to work with. Here are modern lighting ideas that can make your cramped kitchen space pop so even your itty bitty countertop space has whole new meaning.

Paper lighting

Consider paper lighting directly above your sink, where you normally have a window to give you natural light. Paper lights emit a softer, creamier glow that initiates calm and whimsy. This is the way you'd like to feel as you stare down a huge pile of dishes or as you gaze out the window at yet another beautiful sunny day. Paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling add charm to the room as well as texture and dimension. Create your own paper lanterns or explore options you can buy from artists and modern decor stores.

Cabinet lighting

Tiny lights installed directly under your cabinets to illuminate your countertops can make the space appear larger and give you better use of every nook and cranny. Or, you can choose to have the inside ceiling of your cabinets lighted with small flush bulbs to create depth within your cramped cupboard spaces. Cabinet lighting is as useful as it is modern, and you can choose to brighten the space with white clean light or soften its blunt appearance with a softer, yellow-hued glow.

Track lighting

You want to be able to see what you are doing when you are preparing or actually cooking food. Track lighting with rotating fixtures allow you to spotlight just where you want light to be shone in your kitchen. Whether you want to highlight the stove top to make it brighter for cooking or you need to showcase the kitchen table so guests can feel ready to eat the great meal you've prepared, track lighting gives you the modern, customized illumination you need to appreciate your kitchen space more.

A tiny kitchen may not appear ideal for creativity and inspiration, but once you get the right lighting in place, you can actually feel comfortable in this busy, tiny space. Use modern techniques and advice from professionals, like those at Lightcast, to brighten your kitchen space and really make the area stand out in positive ways.