A Switch To A Waterbed May Improve REM Sleep And Cut Down On Anxiety

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A Switch To A Waterbed May Improve REM Sleep And Cut Down On Anxiety

29 December 2016
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A good night's sleep makes people feel good. Those who wake up in the morning groggy usually complain that their sleep was bumpy, choppy, and not enjoyable. Shaking off poor sleep is not easy since the REM stage of sleep may have been missed. Poor REM sleep can lead to a host of problems, problems that may persist to the point anxiety becomes difficult to shake. Solutions to feelings of anxiety usually involve a combination of steps. One step worth exploring would be to invest in a waterbed. Studies show that waterbeds may assist with achieving better REM sleep which, in turn, may curtail some anxiety during the day.

The Value of REM Sleep

REM sleep refers to the deep "rapid eye movement" stage of the sleep cycle. The cycle is the restorative one designed to allow the mind and body to recharge itself. Studies now show that disturbances to REM sleep prevent the body from addressing emotional disturbances. Anxiety may build up as a result. All that troubling anxiety lingers throughout the day causing problems for the person who cannot shake it. Getting rid of an old mattress and upgrading to a waterbed could solve those REM woes.

Standard Mattress Troubles

A waterbed is sometimes thought of as purely a luxury item. The possible holistic benefits may be unknown. Owners of traditional mattresses who wake up in a less-than-upbeat mood should think about how poorly their night sleep went. Beware the following red flags:

  • Disturbed Sleep

Those who consistently wake up in the middle of the night are not exactly going to experience positive REM sleep. A number of reasons may be the cause of disturbed sleep but, if they are combined with other signs a mattress is the culprit, the signs shouldn't be ignored.

  • Sore in the Morning

Slight aches might not be indicative of a major injury, but the aches aren't exactly welcome. Someone who went to sleep feeling fine who wakes up achy might wish to cast suspicion on the mattress. An achy feeling is not exactly going to reduce any feelings of anxiety.

  • Abrasive Rollovers

Anyone who rolls over in his or her sleep and feels like they are rubbing across a slab of stone definitely have a mattress that is worn, aged, and needs to be replaced. Such a mattress is not exactly contributing to smooth sleeping.

Aches, pains, and anxiety might be signs of a serious problem. Seeing a doctor might be wise. Upgrading to a better mattress could help as well.

Waterbed Choices

Softside waterbeds come in a multitude of options. The soft construct of a quality waterbed may very well contribute to a pleasant night's sleep and a great deal less anxiety. Businesses like waterbeds today offer great options for people shopping for a waterbed.