Care Tips For Your Family's Antique Oriental Rugs

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Care Tips For Your Family's Antique Oriental Rugs

29 December 2016
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If your family home is decorated with a few antique Oriental rugs, then it is important that you know how to properly care for them. By preventing stains and excess wear, you can ensure that your beautiful rugs will last for many generations to come. Follow these tips to care for your family's antique Oriental rugs to keep them looking bright and wonderful:

Tip: Don't Wear The Shoes You Wear Outdoors Inside of Your House

The best thing you can do for your antique Oriental rugs is to avoid wearing the same shoes inside and outside of your home. The shoes you wear outside collect a lot of dirt and dust as you walk around and it will damage the fibers of your rugs as you walk on them. Instead, change your shoes when you come into the house or simply wear your socks. Any dirt that you can prevent from getting into your living space is dirt that will not damage or soil your rugs.

Tip: Keep Your Antique Oriental Rugs Out of Direct Sunlight

Since antique rugs were made using natural dyes and fibers, they are susceptible to damage from sunlight. For this reason, it is imperative that you keep your family's rugs away from areas where the sun will shine through windows onto the floor.

Tip: Regularly Move Your Rugs Around to Avoid Excessive Wear Patterns from Forming

In order to prevent wear patterns on your Oriental rugs, you should regularly move them around on your floors. Just as wall-to-wall carpeting will get grooves in it where everyone walks day-after-day, so too will antique rugs. Moving the rugs around will help them to wear evenly.

Tip: Vacuum the Rug Regularly but Never Comb the Fringe

All Oriental rugs that are used on the floor require regular vacuuming. To prevent damage to the fibers of the rug, use your vacuum on it's "bare floor" setting. To clean the fringe on your rug, you should wipe it with a clean cloth. You should never comb or brush the fringe on your rug because that will damage the fibers.

Tip: Seek Professional Assistance for Cleaning Soiled Rugs

Finally, when you notice that your family's antique Oriental rugs have become soiled, you must take them to a professional carpet cleaner. Since Oriental rugs require special care while they are being cleaned, you should only entrust their care to a carpet cleaner with a lot of experience with cleaning antique rugs.