Different Looks For Your Bedroom

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Different Looks For Your Bedroom

29 December 2016
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Your bedroom should be an oasis where you can comfortably leave your cares behind and feel free to relax in a space that is all your own. Such an important space should be decorated with care, rather than what you manage to steal from your parents' linen closet. Read on for some decorating ideas that will help you create a space that reflects your personality and relax fully at the end of the day:


Modern bedrooms have clean lines and a minimalist style. Neutral colors are most often used in the decor; however, bold splashes of color in an art piece or throw pillow is common. In a modern bedroom, you shouldn't see night tables overflowing with books or walls crammed with art and snapshots of friends. Everything should have a place that's out of sight, bed linens should be one color rather than patterned and furniture should be modern. A modern bedroom is a great choice for people who need a complete lack of clutter in order to feel relaxed. 


A vintage bedroom can be defined differently by different people, depending on which era you're trying to emulate. For example, an iron headboard, rag rug and ornately carved armoire conveys one type of look, while a shag rug combined with wood paneling and upholstered headboard conveys another. Choose an era and dive in. If you're a disco queen, embrace the furry lampshades. If you're a "Mad Men" fanatic, go mod all the way. 


A bohemian look combines a lack of things with a wealth of comfort items. Imagine an assortment of floor pillows or beanbags instead of seating options. Opt for a mattress on the floor, but drape a brightly colored and overstuffed blanket over it. Instead of a jewelry box to hide all those dangling necklaces, hang them from the walls to create an art piece. Fill the walls with art and wall hangings and cover the floors with rugs that complement rather than exactly match each other. 


An eclectic bedroom look is the most versatile. Combine modern furniture with vintage furniture. Consider including in an eclectic bedroom a vintage iron or brass bed as well as a dresser with the clean, minimalist lines of the modern bedroom look. To make the eclectic look cohesive rather than dissonant, choose a single color palette or metal color to tie it all together. Neutrals work well in this look with a couple splashes of color, or be sure that the brass bed matches the gold on the lamp and the hardware in the dresser.