Keeping Your Leather Reclining Chair In The Best Possible Condition

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Keeping Your Leather Reclining Chair In The Best Possible Condition

29 December 2016
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If you just purchased a luxurious leather recliner to place in your living room, are most likely excited about the comfort you will be enjoying each time you sit in this fine piece of furniture. It is important to do routine maintenance to a leather chair so it remains in the best of condition. Failing to care for leather appropriately can lead to cracking of the material, leaving it looking drab and damaged as a result. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your leather recliner looks great and lasts for years to come.

Take The Time To Clean The Chair Regularly

It is extremely important to clean a leather piece of furniture often. If dust and dirt accumulate on the leather, it will give the chair a lackluster appearance and it may be harder to remove. Use a soft-bristled vacuum attachment to remove loose particles of debris from the leather. The attachment should be kept an inch or so above the leather as you move it back and forth to whisk away dirt. If any grime remains, dampen a piece of microfiber cloth to rub it from the leather. Afterward, use a piece of dry microfiber cloth to remove any moisture left on the chair.

Make Sure To Take Precautions To Minimize Wear

Avoid getting leather wet if possible as this can alter its appearance. It is also best to take steps in minimizing the chance of scratching the leather. Do not wear clothing with protrusions such as spikes, chains, or other sharp pieces. If you wear barrettes or other hair accessories, place a blanket on the back portion of the seat to aid in keeping scratching from occurring. Keep small children and pets off your new chair or use a chair cover to protect it from becoming damaged.

Revitalize Your Recliner With Some Conditioning Polish

To instantly improve the appearance of your recliner, use linseed oil or an appropriate leather conditioning agent to shine it and protect it from cracking. Place the desired conditioner on a piece of microfiber cloth and apply it to the leather in a circular motion so it is applied to all areas of the chair. It is important to remove any extra conditioner from the chair so mildew or mold does not occur. To remove excess conditioner, use another piece of dry microfiber cloth to sop it up from the leather. This process can be done whenever you feel your chair looks flat in appearance. 

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