Maximize Your Children's' Shared Bedroom Space

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Maximize Your Children's' Shared Bedroom Space

29 December 2016
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When your children have to share a bedroom, you can end up short on space and privacy. This can lead to a messy room and excess arguing. Here are five ideas for making the most of a small, shared space.

Bunk Beds

Whether you choose traditional bed-over-bed bunk beds or the newer, modern ones with an elevated bed over a desk area, bunk beds are the quintessential classic solution for children who share a room. They make the best use of available floor space, and some even include built-in dressers at each end, creating an all-in-one answer for your child's bedroom needs.

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Open shelving that is placed perpendicular to the wall is ideal for extra storage space. It's also good for dividing up the room and offering a bit of privacy. Alternatively, two closed bookcases can be placed back-to-back, giving even more privacy and providing each child a place to store their books, toys, and decorative items. Be sure to use anchor bolts to secure the bookcases or shelving unit to the wall or ceiling to ensure they don't tip over.


Draperies don't have to just be used on windows, you can use them to provide each child with a little more privacy. A sliding floor-to-ceiling curtain can be hung from the ceiling on a rod, dividing the room in half. Curtains can also be hung around the perimeter on bunk beds, giving each child their own secret space. Heavy-duty canopies hung from the ceiling over separate twin-sized beds are another great option for added privacy.

Storage Lockers

School lockers give children their own space to store their coat, boots, and book bag, and you can provide the same thing for your children at home. You can even let them have a combination lock to keep their most prized possessions out of their sibling's hands, just be sure to get the combination so you have access if needed. Foot lockers that can go underneath or at the foot of their bed is another secure storage solution.


With floor space at a premium, the obvious solution is to go up and make good use of the walls. Lightweight wooden crates in varying sizes are widely available at home improvement and crafts store. They can be bolted to the walls and used to store clothing, toys, and other items that aren't very heavy. Wall crates also provide a way to keep games with small pieces out of the hands of a younger child who shares the room with an older child.