Revitalizing An Old Wooden Coffee Table Into A Conversation Piece Full Of Memories

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Revitalizing An Old Wooden Coffee Table Into A Conversation Piece Full Of Memories

29 December 2016
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If you have an old wooden coffee table that has become worn through the years, you may want to try your hand at restoring it so it has an entirely new appearance. Revamping a wooden piece of furniture can be done on your own if you have the proper tools to do the job. Here are some furniture restoration steps you can take to make your coffee table into a masterpiece that will be sure to get plenty of complements from those who see it.

Start By Tending To All Flawed Areas

Dip a piece of microfiber cloth into some mineral spirits and wipe it across all wooden portions of your table. This will darken the wood, allowing you to see all areas that are blemished on your coffee table. If you see a water mark present on the wood, it can be minimized by applying petroleum jelly to the area and letting it sit overnight. Spots where paint has fallen on a table can be repaired by using a razor blade to scrape it off the wood. Chipped portions can be fixed by adding a bit of wood filler to the area and then sanding down any excess.

Give The Table A Vibrant New Hue

After you tend to any flaws, stain the coffee table with a high-quality product to give it a rich, new coloring. Stain can be applied with a piece of microfiber cloth rather than a paintbrush so there are no stroke marks left behind in the coloring process. Use a clean piece of microfiber cloth to remove any excess stain drippings from the table as you work at adding the color. Allow the table to dry in its entirety before going on to the next step.

Transform Your Table Into A Piece Of History

Gather some of your favorite photographs of your family, a pet, your home, or an activity that you enjoy doing. These will be the focal point of your new table, giving those that use it an interesting timeline of history to view. Apply each photograph to the table top using a strong glue to each underside to affix it into place. Afterward, use polyurethane to cover the photographs so they are sealed onto the wooden structure. This will give your table a high-gloss shine, while protecting the photographs from wear. Simply add a new layer of polyurethane each year to keep your photographs from wearing. You can add new photographs each year if you wish as well.