How To Change Your Cabinet Molding

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How To Change Your Cabinet Molding

5 January 2017
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If you ever want to remodel or upgrade an old cabinet system, changing the molding is a great place to start. If you look at the construction of most cabinets systems, you will notice that the main cabinet box is square and flat. The molding and trim have decorative miters that truly define the style of the cabinet. These pieces are actually pretty simple to remove from the cabinet. If you install new molding onto the same cabinet, it will basically look like a completely different unit. This article explains how you can complete this project on your own.

Removing the Old Molding

First, you need to remove the existing molding from the cabinet. To do this you need to cut away the caulk that secures the molding to the cabinet and the wall. A utility knife usually works the best. However, the caulk can be very thick, so cutting through it might be a little difficult. Once you have broken the seal, you will need to use a couple of chisels or flathead screwdrivers to pry away the molding. Use a hammer to tap them underneath the molding. Of course, you want to try and do all of this without scratching or damaging the cabinet face frame.

You should also consider the size of your new molding. Hopefully your new molding will be thicker than what you currently have on your cabinet. This way the new molding will cover up the residue on the caulk line and any scratches that were made removing the old molding.

Attaching the New Molding

The most important tool you will need for installing the new molding is a pneumatic nail gun. If you don't own one, you can easily rent a nail and compressor system from a home improvement store. The key is to use finish nails because they are headless and don't leave behind a big hole. When shooting the nails into the molding, make sure that the pressure is just right. If the pressure is too high, the nail could go right through the molding. Of course, if it is too low, the nail head will stick out. It is also smart if you deliberately shoot into the thickest part of the molding. You will also need a compound miter saw so you can cut the molding to the right link. The compound saw also allows you to create angles for each corner of the cabinet. This way the decorative molding the lineup perfectly at the corners.

The final step is to caulk the edges of your molding. This is an important step because it seals the molding and makes it look like it is part of the cabinet. For more information, contact local professionals like Black Carriage Furniture.