Things To Consider About Solid Wood Furniture

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Things To Consider About Solid Wood Furniture

5 January 2017
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Have you been trying to decide if investing in solid wood furniture is a good choice for your living room? You will be pleasantly surprised at the numerous benefits you will be able to enjoy by opting for solid wood living room furniture. It will also be many years before the furniture would need to be replaced, but it depends on how well you take care of it. This article covers a few of the things that might cross your mind before moving forward with placing solid wood furniture in your living room.

1. What the Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture Are

The most beneficial aspect of opting for solid wood furniture is that it can complement any style of décor. If you have a habit of changing up the style of your living room a lot, you won't have to worry about spending money on new furniture each time the task is done. Another nice benefit of wooden furniture is that it can be customized to add character to your living room. For example, the furniture can be painted in numerous ways, or you can get it etched with the designs of your choice. The ability to stain the wood is one of the other benefits, as it can give the furniture a completely different look.

2. How Cleaning Should Be Done

There is a certain way in which solid wood furniture must be cleaned in order to avoid causing harm to it. When the furniture is cleaned with water, you must only use a small amount to avoid saturating the wood. If you saturate the wood too often, you can end up with the wood becoming soft and losing its form. Even when a small amount of water is used, make sure any excess water is quickly wiped off of the furniture. You can also add a mild household soap to the water if you need to remove spilled drinks or food that is stuck to the furniture.

3. How to Make the Wood Last for Many Years to Come

With the right kind of care, solid wood furniture will last for several years before it falls into a condition that cannot be repaired. One of the main things that should be done is to keep the furniture out of the path of direct sunlight, which can be done by hanging window treatments. Sun exposure is bad for the wood because it can cause fading as well as dry the wood out and cause cracks to develop. You should also watch the humidity levels in your house to make sure moisture does not damage the wood.