Tips For Getting A King Sized Bed Or Mattress Up The Stairs

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Tips For Getting A King Sized Bed Or Mattress Up The Stairs

6 January 2017
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If you live in a two or more story house, there is a good chance that your bedrooms are not on the first floor of your house. This is great when it comes to reduced noise and privacy, but it can be frustrating if you are trying to get something heavy up the stairs, such as a new king-sized mattress. However, you can't just convert one of your ground floor rooms to a bedroom just because you can't get the mattress up the stairs. Here are some tips for getting your king sized bed or mattress up the stairs.

1. Remove the Steps

One option is to physically remove the steps that are in the way of the mattress. If you can manage to wedge your mattress around the corner of the steps, you might find that you can remove one or two steps that are directly in the way of the mattress from progressing, allowing you to move the mattress forward just enough to lift it above the steps and move it up the stairs. This might be an option if you have unfinished steps that are relatively easy to cut through and repair. Wooden steps are rarely cut from the same piece of wood, so they are fairly easy to remove and restore with careful sawing. Do the same thing with the bed frame itself.

2. Use a Ladder and the Upstairs Window

If you have an upstairs window that could potentially open wide enough or high enough for you to deposit the mattress through, then you should absolutely consider getting a few ladders and a few people to hold them steady and then moving the ladder up a few rungs at a time. Make sure that you are working on steady ground and that you measure the mattress beforehand so that you aren't in for a nasty surprise when you finally get the mattress or bed frame up the ladders and find that it doesn't fit.

3. Get a Split Bed

Finally, since bed frames can be taken apart, it tends to be easier to get the frame up the stairs than it is to get the mattress itself up the stairs. Consider getting a split king mattress, which is essentially two halves of a mattress that can be moved separately but are then bound together when they are in their final destination.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in mattresses.