Three Ways to Avoid Stubbing Your Toe or Breaking Glass on Your Modern Furniture

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Three Ways to Avoid Stubbing Your Toe or Breaking Glass on Your Modern Furniture

17 January 2017
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Modern furniture is typically admired for its clean lines, straight edges, and simplified materials. Metal, usually aluminum or steel, is used for legs, feet, and arms of modern furniture while bare glass is used for tabletops. If you have these pieces in your home, you may find that you frequently stub your toe or that the glass pieces have a tendency to experience some damage. However, none of that has to happen, and here are some ways to avoid these furniture pitfalls.

Create a Wide Berth Around Glass Tables

First and foremost, to protect your glass tables, create a very wide berth around them. This prevents anyone from stumbling into them, bumping into them, or falling onto them and causing damage. You should have at least a two-foot clearance around any glass table in a modern furniture collection so that you and your guests can walk around the table without incident.

Use Invisible Rubber Covers

When you look at your modern furniture, you want to see only the furniture. You do not want to see the glaring black of rubber edge protectors or baby-proof devices, which can mar the visual effect of modern furniture. Instead, to protect sharp glass corners and table or chair legs, utilize invisible rubber covers. These covers are completely translucent. They are very soft and will protect the furniture while also protecting your toes, feet, legs, and so forth from the hard and sharp angular edges of modern furniture. All you (and your guests) will see is the furniture, and nobody will feel it (quite as badly) should they bump into it.

Consider Purchasing Modern Furniture with a Contemporary Twist

Some modern furniture has a contemporary twist. The chairs have padding on the arms, and the table legs and glass tops are round instead of square or cubed cylinders. This is a reasonable compromise on style that still expresses your preference for modernism but does so without the potential injuries or damage that could result from accidental trips, slips, and falls around your furniture. Some people who like modern furniture have chosen to stay with this mixed style because they found it more comfortable or because their partners have found it more agreeable.

Examine Other Solutions

Talk to an interior designer or decorator. He or she works with room design and furniture solutions all the time and is in the know when it comes to issues with furniture styles. If you do not like any of the solutions offered above, the designer or decorator may know a few more that you could try.

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