Questions To Ask Before You Buy That Piece Of Furniture

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Questions To Ask Before You Buy That Piece Of Furniture

11 December 2018
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After giving things a good deal of thought, you've decided that it's time to buy a major piece of furniture for your home. Beds, couches, dining room sets, and other large pieces of furniture deserve more consideration than smaller pieces, due to both the size and expense. Before you plunk down those hard-earned dollars for that big piece, however, pause for a moment and ask yourself the below questions.

Will It Fit?

Don't just make a guess when it comes to big pieces of furniture. Measure the space where you plan to place the piece and take the measurement device or tape measure with you to the store. Measure not just the length, but the height and width of the piece as well. In fact, if space is tight, you might want to measure the piece at the store and then lay the measurements out in the room using masking tape just to make sure it will fit.

Don't lay your measuring device down just yet, though. You should take close look at the doorways that your pieces will need to fit through before you make a buying decision. Narrow doors can make it a challenge for even professional furniture delivery people. You might also want to consider the scale of the item in general. If your space is small, filling it up with just a single piece of furniture may not be wise. Furniture comes in too many sizes to settle for the wrong piece for your space.

Will It Match?

Determining a good match is one of the most challenging aspects of choosing furniture. Some stores provide shoppers with large fabric swatches so that you can see what the color looks like in your home, using your light, and near your other pieces. If you cannot access a swatch, try to take make a match using a photograph.

Color-matching, however, is only the beginning of the matching issue. The style of the piece should be considered as well. A loosening up of the rules when it comes to matching up styles has been in existence for a while. This means that if your side tables are in a modern style you can choose a sofa that is traditional and make it work. Mixing styles is all very well and good, but a room that has too much going on in the way of contrasting styles can easily appear too busy and discordant. If you want to mix traditional, modern, mid-century modern, old-world, Victorian, and other furniture styles, use caution. Use a unifying theme, such as a color-way and accessories to pull everything together.

Speak to the specialists at your local furniture store for more ideas on how to make a good buying decision for major living room furniture pieces.