3 Reasons Why A Modern Sofa Is The Best Interior Design Choice For Your Apartment's Living Room

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3 Reasons Why A Modern Sofa Is The Best Interior Design Choice For Your Apartment's Living Room

16 February 2019
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Your sofa is the most important facet of your apartment's living room — it serves as the living room's focal point while also giving you and your friends a place to relax. Because of its importance, the type of sofa you choose for your apartment's living room deserves your foremost consideration. When it comes to design aesthetics, the best type of sofa for an apartment is a modern sofa. Why? Read on for the top three reasons a modern sofa deserves serious consideration for your apartment's living room.

1. Integrates Easily Into any Living Room Interior Design

Modern sofas feature a minimalist design philosophy using straight lines and little frills. The design style stresses functionality over form, so few embellishments are added to these sofas — if it doesn't make the sofa more comfortable, then it has no place in the modern design philosophy. Patterned fabric is rare, and the modern aesthetic features straight, unadorned arms. Overall, this makes them an excellent interior design choice for small apartments — there's little risk of your sofa causing an apartment living room to appear too busy or crowded.

Selecting a modern sofa in a neutral color makes this effect more pronounced. When combined with its minimalist appearance, it's very easy to design the rest of your apartment's living room without being constrained by your sofa. There are no patterns in the fabric to work around, and it's easy to coordinate throw pillows with a neutral-toned modern sofa. If you often change the design of your living room, you'll find that this style of sofa is very easy to work with.

2. Makes Your Apartment's Ceiling Appear Higher, Creating More Visual Space

As the centerpiece of your living room, your sofa has a major influence on the way that the space is perceived. Modern sofas are very low to the ground, which helps make your apartment's ceiling appear bigger. Traditional sofas with large feet elevating them high off of the ground can overwhelm a small apartment, causing it to feel claustrophobic.

Additionally, a modern sofa's straight lines add to the effect — it's similar to wearing vertical stripes to make yourself appear taller. If you're looking for a way to make your apartment's living room look larger and visually increase the height of its ceiling, using this type of sofa as your living room's centerpiece is an excellent way to accomplish this.

3. Sleeper Sofas Don't Compromise the Modern Design Style

When you're shopping for modern sofas, you'll often find models with sleeper beds. The modern design aesthetic hides sleeper beds very well — since these sofas are so low to the ground, the extra bulk on the bottom of the sofa required by the sleeper bed is barely noticeable when compared to traditional sleeper sofas. While a sleeper sofa may be more expensive, it provides you with a great place for friends to sleep over while not compromising the design aesthetic of your apartment's living room.

Overall, modern sofas are the perfect furniture choice for an apartment living room. They don't overwhelm a small living space and actually make it appear larger. If you're shopping for a new sofa for your apartment, you should definitely opt for the modern aesthetic.