How To Host The Perfect Luau This Summer In Your Backyard

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How To Host The Perfect Luau This Summer In Your Backyard

4 December 2019
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Your backyard may be the perfect place for you to host a luau this summer. Not only is a luau a great excuse for friends to gather together, but it's also a great excuse for you to host a big party with good food. To ensure that everyone has the most memorable time, you need to have your yard, food, and decor ready to go.

Step 1: Get Some Luau Decor

One of the best ways for you to set the Luau mood is to get a bunch of decorations like tiki torches, Hawaiian grass, and even some Hawaiian flowers. Because natural Hawaiian flowers can be extremely pricey, you can buy faux ones at almost every party store out there. Also, remember to buy everyone a lei or a grass skirt as well so that they can really get into the mood.

Step 2: Don't Forget the Bar

What's more fun than drinking fun tropical-themed drinks with your friends? Before your big Luau, consider having a custom outdoor bar set made; this will allow you to have a bartender and serve all of your guests at the same time. Just make sure that your bar can comfortably sit the average amount of guests that you plan on having at your house. Also, consider having some custom bar seats made to go with the bar that have wipeable cushions on them such as vinyl; that way they are soft and comfortable but they are easy to clean as well.

Step 3: Hire Some Hula Dancers

If your budget permits it, consider hiring some hula dancers to come and do some hula dancing for everyone at your party. Hula dancers can provide you and your guests with endless amounts of entertainment so you can sit back and enjoy your luau a little bit more. Authentic hula dancing is a great way for you to embrace the Hawaiian culture and maybe a few of your guests can learn some dance moves at the same time. 

Step 4: Start Your Guest List

Your party won't be any fun if you don't invite the right people to come to enjoy it. Make sure that you choose people to invite that enjoy being with each other and that like having a good time. 

Keep all of these things in mind when you are trying to plan the ultimate luau for you and your friends to enjoy.