Can You Use Foam Mattresses If You're Allergic To Latex?

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Can You Use Foam Mattresses If You're Allergic To Latex?

27 January 2020
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The variety of mattress materials available now has expanded greatly, with several different types of foam and other fillings giving people a chance to find almost-customized comfort. One question that pops up now and again is whether foam mattresses are safe for people who are allergic to latex. This is a valid question because latex allergies are a serious matter, but the answer is a lot more positive than people initially realize.

Memory Foam Should Be Fine

First, "foam" is a general term, and you need a qualifier to accurately discuss types of mattresses. Memory foam mattresses (ones that are not hybrids -- more on those shortly) normally do not contain latex, so these should be fine for people worried about latex allergies. There are hybrids and pure latex mattresses that look like foam.

Some Question Exists

One thing to keep in mind is that there is some question about just how much of a problem latex mattresses really pose to those with allergies. For people who have milder allergies, a latex mattress may be just fine. Not only are the mattresses typically encased in a non-latex cover, but the types of latex used in mattresses tend to be less allergenic -- in fact, they could even be considered almost non-allergenic as they have repeatedly been shown to not create reactions. There are different types of latex, and in bedding, the types tend to be the non-problematic ones, such as synthetic latex that has the same base components as other types of non-latex foam. 

For someone with severe latex allergies, however, it's best to avoid anything with latex, of course, because they just can't take that risk. A non-latex, pure memory foam mattress would be a great choice in this case.

Comfort Should Be the Main Driver

Barring a super-severe latex allergy, those who are allergic and who are looking for bedding should concentrate on comfort. For example, those who don't like mattresses that transfer a lot of vibration (e.g., your partner rolling over and causing the mattress to shake and wake you up) should look at getting a memory foam mattress.

If you're looking for a new mattress and are worried about your allergy acting up, speak first with your allergist and then start checking out mattress stores. There are so many types of mattress forms, materials, and constructions available that you should be able to find one you like quickly.