Do Some Of Your Furniture Pieces Need A Facelift?

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Do Some Of Your Furniture Pieces Need A Facelift?

24 April 2020
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Maybe you have decided that some of your furniture needs to be spruced up. If that's true, have you already decided how that's going to happen? If you're still looking for help, read on for some ideas that might be very useful.

Hire Professional Furniture Refinishers - It might be that you own fine furniture pieces that you don't want to refinish yourself. For instance, maybe you have inherited beautiful antique furniture items that you'll be using in your living room. Call on an expert furniture refinisher to get the job done. Here are some of the things that he or she might have to do in order for the furniture to look truly beautiful again.

  • It is likely that old stain and paint will need to be totally removed.
  • Any cracks or other damaged areas of the furniture will be repaired.
  • If any of the furniture has cane as part of its design, that might need to be repaired or replaced.
  • If the hardware is missing, it can be replaced with hardware that comes close to the original.
  • New stain or paint will be applied after the furniture pieces are ready for that part of the refinishing process.
  • If any of the furniture needs reupholstering, that will probably be the final touch.

You Might Choose To Do Some Of The Work Yourself - While fine furniture might need the work of experts, think of ways you can give some of your other furniture a new look yourself. 

  • For example, maybe your wooden kitchen table and chairs look worn.
  • One idea is to paint the set a totally new color. Brick red would probably add pizzaz to your kitchen. 
  • Do you like the shabby chic look? If so, consider doing the work on some of your bedroom pieces yourself. 
  • Do you have brown wicker furniture in your enclosed patio? Though in essentially good shape, you might not like the color.
  • Think of painting the wicker furniture with a brighter color. White, turquoise or yellow would be perfect in an enclosed patio. 
  • If you're handy with a sewing machine, think of making new seat cushions for your wicker chairs.

Once your furniture pieces have been refinished, either by you or by a professional, think of other ways you can add interest to the furniture. For instance, if one of the refinished pieces was an antique dining room table, think of putting a lace table runner in the middle of the table. If you gave a wooden headboard a shabby chic look, consider choosing a quilt for the bedcover. Look for more information on furniture refinishing to get started.