3 Tips for Buying a New Mattress

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3 Tips for Buying a New Mattress

6 January 2021
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Buying a new mattress is a huge decision. Not only are mattresses a large purchase, with prices averaging $500-$1500 for a mid-range mattress, but you also spend more time in your bed than on any other piece of furniture. With a wide range of mattresses to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed by your options. Here are three tips for buying a new mattress to ensure you're happy with your purchase:

Research the Types of Mattresses Available

A great first step is to research the different types of mattresses available. One popular option is a memory foam mattress or a regular mattress with a memory foam topper. Memory foam conforms to your body as you sleep, which can be especially comfortable for side sleepers.

If you have back pain, however, you may need a firmer mattress with more support. A traditional inner coil mattress may be a better fit for you in that case. In general, if you are larger in size, you will most likely want a thicker mattress, such as a gel foam mattress with multiple layers of support.

Read the Fine Print

Before investing in your new mattress, be sure to read the fine print. Are you able to try your mattress out for a few days, weeks, or even longer and then return or exchange it if it's not the right fit? What about the warranty? Can you return your mattress if it's faulty or breaks for some reason? When making such a large purchase, you want to make sure you have some protection if you have a valid reason for returning the mattress.

Consider Shopping for Mattresses in Person

These days, many mattresses are available online and will be delivered straight to your door. While this is convenient, it can still be worthwhile to shop for mattresses in person. This is especially true if you have specific needs, such as a bed that is supportive enough to help with existing back pain.

By shopping in person, you can try out the different types of mattresses for yourself to see what you like best. You may also be able to see how the different mattresses look with different styles of beds, in case you are also shopping for a new bed frame and headboard. 

When looking at mattresses on sale, simply follow these tips and you will be sure to find a mattress you will love for years to come.