Finding the Right Furniture for Your Home

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Finding the Right Furniture for Your Home

Whether you plan to add ambiance to your living room with a new sofa or remodel your entire house from top to bottom, finding the right furniture isn't always easy. Unless you have a degree in interior design or home remodeling, finding the best styles, colors and sizes for your furnishings can be confusing. I developed this blog because I understand how difficult it can be to find furniture. I offer unique tips on how to select colors for small and large spaces, as well as information on how to create the perfect look with different types of furniture. Feel free to read through my blog to find what you need. Thanks for visiting and good luck with your projects.

Questions To Ask Your Antique Dealers

5 October 2015
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Is your home full of antique furniture that you've collected over the years? Are you looking to sell off some pieces, and perhaps to buy a few more? When buying and selling antiques, you're going to want the best prices possible. Here are some things you should ask when checking out new antique dealers (like Bucks County Estate Traders): How did you get started in the business? If the dealer you're talking to has only been buying and selling for a few years, make sure to ask how they got their start. Read More …